Strategy overview


In this section you will find information and guidance on how to get started with the big picture of mobile learning. Without an overall vision for what mobile learning is able to achieve in your particular context it is doomed to failure. Along with the ‘snapshot’ case studies (see sidebar) this section consider what learners are increasingly coming to expect in terms of their ability to use mobile devices for anytime, anywhere learning. It is not enough to simply engage and cater for learners, however, as staff must also be on board with initiatives. Cultural considerations are important for any change management project and particularly when technology is involved that is more often used for social reasons. Finally, whilst the novelty factor may enable an organisation to gain some initial traction, it is important that mobile learning initiatives are sustainable.


This infoKit can, of course, be accessed in any order. Moving from the overall vision, putting learners at the centre, through to cultural considerations and then to sustainability, enables potential barriers (“That will never work here”) to be put to one side in the first instance for some blue-skies thinking. There is more on overcoming barriers and finding enablers in the Implementation section. As is mentioned through this infoKit, mobile learning can serve as a ‘trojan horse’ for wider changes and re-focusing within an institution.


Image CC BY-SA brunkfordbraun