Further reading

JISC project reports



Electronic voting analysis & feedback for all (2010)

Erehwon (2010)

iBorrow (2010)

MoRSE (Mobilising Remote Student Engagement) (2010) 

Piloting the use of quick response codes in teaching & learning (2010)




CloudBank: mobile knowledge sharing for language learners (2009)

Microviews (2009)

Mobile Campus Assistant (2009)

Mobile Internet Detective (2009)

North East Regional Collaboration for Personalised, Work-Based and Lifelong Learning (EPICS-2) (2009)

Portable VoWLAN: A portable voice over wireless local area network for mobile learning (2009)

REACh (Researching Emerging Admin Channels) (2009) 

WALES (Work-Based Access to Learning through E-Services) (2009)

WILD Thing (2009)




Pocket PCs to support portfolio development by work-based learners in FE (WoLF) (2008)