Mobile Learning infokit / Acknowledgements
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JISC infoNet would like to thank the following for their input into this Mobile Learning infoKit. Where quotations are not attributed to an article, the words are taken from interviews with the following participants:


  • Anwar, Shiraz (Mimas)
  • Bartley, Tony (Lowestoft College)
  • Bowen, Kyle (Purdue University, USA)  
  • Carter, Jackie (Mimas) 
  • Cole, Keith (Mimas) 
  • Colley, Becka (University of Bradford)
  • Fairhall, John (University of Bradford)
  • FitzGerald, Elizabeth (The Open University) 
  • Frith, Gareth (University of Leeds) 
  • Igbrude, Claudia (Dublin Institute of Technology) 
  • Mitchell, Ron (Consultant and ex-MoLeNET mentor)
  • Pellow, Andy (University of Leeds) 
  • Pickersgill, Dave (Sheffield College) 
  • Ramirez, Matt (Mimas) 
  • Sharples, Mike (The Open University) 
  • Short, Mike (O2 UK/Telefonica Europe) 
  • Soon, Lilian (xlearn, ex-MoLeNET mentor) 
  • Stead, Geoff (Tribal Labs)
  • Tangney, Brendan (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Thomas, Rhodri (The Open University) 
  • Traxler, John (University of Wolverhampton) 
  • Usher, Julie (University of Northampton)
  • Winters, Niall (London Knowledge Lab)


This Mobile Learning infoKit was also informed in a significant way from the insights gleaned from interviewees for the JISC Mobile and Wireless Technologies Review.